FloridaOSHA, LLC has over thirty five years experience in the medical field and is part of our medical field staff team.

We have American Heart Association / American Red Cross State Certified Instructors/ OSHA Authorized Trainer experience in CPR, First Aid /AED Adult, Child and Infant, offer classes in the following topics:
How to act in an emergency and what to do while waiting, quick, simple, effective procedures for handling life threatening situation to minor injuries or illness, CPR for adults, children, and infants incorporated with the use of an AED (automated external defibrillators), two man Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, adult, child and infant FBAO (Foreign Body Airway Obstruction), rescue breathing, the use of an Epi Pen(soft and hard tissue), bleeding, emergencies, splinting, and sudden illness.

This course is certified by the American Heart Association.
We provide all equipment, supplies, textbooks and two-year certification
There is not any official lunch break in this course.
Who should take this CPR & First-aid class
Emergency Response Team (ERT) members, Healthcare Providers supervisors, managers, teachers , summer camp counselors, coaches, foster care, social workers, maritime (US Coast Guard ) nannies, parents, grandparents, babysitters (ten years or older), construction, students , & general workplace.

·         Taught by Qualified Professionals
·         Re-Certification
·         Two Year Certificates
·         Flexible Schedule
·         Flexible Payment Options
·         Affordable Rates
·         On / Off site Training
What You Need to Know About First Aid and CPR compliance In Order to Protect Your Company.
Q: Does my company need First Aid?
A: Yes under the section 1910.151(b) of OSHA LAW all General Industry such as heating & cooling, electrical, manufacturing plans, plumbing, as well as construction industry are required to provide medical and first aid if not in the proximity (more than 4 Minutes away) from a clinic.
Q: Does my company need First Aid Equipment?
A: Yes, under the section 1910.269(b)(3), First Aid Kits shall be maintained, shall be readily available for use, and shall be inspected frequently enough to ensure that expended items are replaced but at least once per year.
Q: Does my company need CPR Training?
A: OSHA recommends that CPR training be a general program element of a first aid program.
Q: When is CPR Training Required?
A: Under 1910.269(b)(1), anyone working with equipment, installation, or repair that is associated with 50 Volts or more require CPR training.
Q: Do Online Classes Meet Requirements?
A: NO! Online training alone for First Aid and CPR do not meet the requirements as per OSHA’s Best Practices Guide the training requires physical skills, such as bandaging and CPR with mannequins and partner practice.
Q: How much in fines can OSHA assess?
A: OSHA can assess a fine from up to $ 7,000.00 to to $ 70,000.0 per violation.
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CPR & FIRST AID Training