Florida Maintenance of Traffic (MOT)

Course Introduction

The intermediate MOT Level is the most popular level taught throughout the state. This 16-hour course is required for personnel with the responsibility or authority to decide on the specific MOT requirements to be implemented in the State of Florida.

You need MOT training if:

  • You are a FDOT employee, contractor, consultant, surveyor, utility company personnel, local maintaining agency, or any other appropriate person.

And if you are responsible for:

  • Work zone traffic control planning, design, implementation, inspection, and/or for supervising the selection, placement, or maintenance of traffic control schemes and devices in work zones on the State Highway System.

The topics include

  • Proper and effective documentation in the event of disputes and litigation
  • Design exercises and problem solving of MOT plans
  • Group workshops on traffic plans
  • Flagging operations

Flagger Operations

The work zone flagger course grants you the ability to work as a certified flagger as required by the department of transportation and MUTCD.

By law, all flaggers must be properly trained in flagging operations and flagging procedures by a certified flagger training instructor.

By completing the flagger certification course you will acquire a strong knowledge in proper flagging techniques and be ready to work on the job as a work zone flagger.